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3 Colors to Paint a Small Room to Look Larger

November 17, 2021

3 Colors to Paint Small Rooms

If you live in a home that’s on the smaller side, chances are, you might be doing everything in your power to make the rooms within it appear larger. Whether that means downsizing on clutter and furnishings or giving the room a visual makeover, there are a few different ways to accomplish the task at hand. 

However, if you’re opting to go with the latter and have the room repainted by a professional, here are three colors to consider choosing.

1. Purple

Whether you have your heart set on a light, airy shade of purple or a variation that is dark and ominous, this popular color thrives in smaller spaces — such as a confined entryway. When placed in a larger room, purple can be a tad overwhelming to the eye (not to mention, it may be too overbearing to the furnishings set in the space afterward).

2. Beige

If a neutral tone is more of your speed, look no further than beige. A timeless color painted in many homes throughout the world, beige is perfect for smaller rooms that need a splash of color (but nothing too bold). Also, if you put your home on the market down the line, beige is a safe color — meaning it will not deter potential buyers from placing an offer on your humble abode.

3. Blush

Are you looking for a color that’s not too bold but not too light? Jazz up that smaller room in your home with the shade blush! Being the perfect light, delicate pink, this gorgeous color can add warmth to a smaller room easily. Now, if you’re afraid of the room looking too diaphanous, consider adding in darker accents — such as slate gray. 

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