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Bohemian living room with a light blue wall

The Best Paint Colors to Brighten a Room This Winter

December 10, 2020

The days are getting shorter and we now have very little time in 24 hours to enjoy the sunshine. This transition can be hard for many people. Luckily, by choosing the perfect colors, winter doesn’t have to be so dark and dull this year. Change up the look of the interior of your home to help brighten your days a little more. 

Light Blues

You can never go wrong with blue, but in order to change up the mood of your home this year to something more cheery, a lighter blue will be your best option. Not only will it match the ambiance of the upcoming winter season, but it will also color your home nicely both when the sun is out and when it has set. Pretty baby blues go well in rooms like bathrooms and living rooms, but it all depends on where you feel it would suit your home the most. 

Bright Neutrals 

When it comes to picking a brand new paint color for your home, it can be hard depending on the furniture you have in each room. That is why neutral colors are always a safe route to go with, since they mostly go with everything. Stick to brighter ones, such as off white and beige, in order to create a more radiant effect on the room of your choice. 

Bold Hues

If you wanted to go the big and bold way, there are plenty of bright color options to choose from. These are a bit harder to work with since you’ll have to make sure your furniture and everything matches. But, hues of yellow, pink, or orange are all great options for brightening up your home. Even some lighter greens go well in kitchens and bedrooms, helping create the feeling of sunnier days. We will work with you every step of the way to find the perfect color pallet for your home!

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